10 Best WooCommerce Hosting Companies

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Table of Contents

10 Best WooCommerce Hosting Companies

You are here to pick between the best WooCommerce hosting providers. When we talk about the launching of an eCommerce website powered by WooCommerce then, in that case, the basic shared hosting might not be the best pick for you. To your luck we would say that each single of the hosting providers you will be catching on the list has a whole plan dedicated to WooCommerce. Hosting are being featured on with all the needed goodies to bring and keep e-store online forever. They are being said to be fully equipped with all the necessities that would help you to enjoy your online store running flawlessly.

Many different kinds of stuffs adding with like SSL certificate, or the fantastic uptime, great support and page backups are mentioned to be some of the main features all these hosting providers can offer you. Even if you are not 100% sure to choose the best one for yourself, you can always hit up support for sure. This will hence assist you to come up with the perfect solution for your WooCommerce online store.

There are hence tens of millions of downloads, WooCommerce is becoming as one of the most popular shop creation plugins for WordPress out there. It is all set with the feature-rich extension which requires out with the slightly different treatment as compare to the normal WP page does. As we do talk about the best WooCommerce hosting providers, then you are guaranteed the world’s top-class services. It does not matter what is the size of your e-shop as with these web hosts, it will work on the modes of being fast but it will be secure, too. You should always be ready at the time even when your eCommerce business grows way beyond expectations.

To make your woocommerce search task for hosting companies easy enough, here we are sharing on with the list of well known and top 10 best woocommerce hosting companies.

Let’s discuss WooCommerce hosting companies one by one!


Image word-image.png of 10 Best WooCommerce Hosting Companies

If you want to carry out the research on your own, then you already came across Bluehost. It started in the year 2005. Bluehost is one of the top recommended web hosting service by none other than WordPress.org. For the last years these two have beenn working closely with each other. They are ensuring WP community the best solution for their websites. It would not be wrong to say that if it is good for WP alone, it would definitely be good for WooCommerce too. Plus the Bluehost has an entire plan dedicated to online stores and is coming out to be one of the leading WooCommerce hosting providers. By the way, BH hence powers more than 2 million WP sites globally.

In a few minutes you will be having your own entire eCommerce website live and ready to attract your clients. Bluehost do even offer three different plans for you to choose from the Starter, Plus and Pro. For those who are just beginning up with the selling products online, you would probably want to start with the starter. As soon as you start off seeing more and more traffic and sales coming in, you will be able to upgrade. Each plan is all settled with the pre-installed WooCommerce, a dedicated support and a free domain registration.

Starter package has been all set with the GB website space and unmetered bandwidth. To make the things more interesting each plan has a certain amount of advertising budget available. $100, $150 and $300 is all depending on the plan you choose. Few customers are needed to get the traction going and or even sooner rather than later. We would say that the snowballing effect hits your online shop.

Bluehost has a team always available to support you at any stage or time. You can hit them up 24/7 and they will be happy to help you with. In short Bluehost will help you succeed all through the medium of the WooCommerce website.


Image word-image-1.png of 10 Best WooCommerce Hosting Companies

Hostinger is another taken to be the solid choice for those who are looking for a combination of a low price and a high quality. Their prices will be starting as from $2.15/month, but somehow it is worth opting for one of their slightly more premium packages. It is possible if your WooCommerce store is your primary source of income or the revenue generator that powers your business. They do even offer a one-click installer tool that allows you to install CMS and e-commerce software in just a matter of few seconds. If you prefer to manually install software then it is also a best option to choose with. There’s plenty of room for the favor of the customization and you will be getting access to powerful admin tools, as well as dashboards and more. Hostinger will allow you everything.

If you hit a stumbling block or if you are fighting with some issues, then the customer service team will always be quick with their response time. They also offer a risk-free thirty day trial that you can cancel at any time ; no questions asked and no hoops to jump through. There are around 29 million website owners who are already using their service.

Hostinger offers everything you could ask for whether you are just starting out or whether you are already well established. It is all set with attractive price too. They have the free trial and their advanced customization features will hit your mind that this is what you have been looking for.


Image word-image-2.png of 10 Best WooCommerce Hosting Companies

If you want to start your online business with a breeze then start using SiteGround. It is a great fit for those who are just starting out, as well as for those who already have the necessary skills and knowledge. Due to their incredible customer service, they do make sure that they are taking care of all your needs and issues you may come across. They are quick and reliable and have set the service 24/7. They do help you set up and install all the needed softwares. For a quick and easy start, WooCommerce and Storefront theme are pre-installed.

SiteGround has a whole section dedicated to the online store software and they will take care of you with great features and services. They are settled with three packages. They have the startup plan that is ideal for you and your business. They are also giving out with two other programs, GrowBig and GoGeek which will come handy as you will start growing up.

Each plan is equipped with the drag and drop page builder, as well as email accounts and daily backups. They store your shop on top of the SSD servers and offer unique isolation to each single of the account. And your shop is under protection through the anti-hack systems and also the spam prevention.

If you already own an online shop, SiteGround performs migration to their hosting at no cost. The StartUp package supports up to 10,000 monthly visitors. Plus the unmetered data transfer and 10 GB of web space are more than enough for the fresh business owner. It is much easy to upgrade to a different plan so there is no need to start large. Get yourself involved in it right now!

WP Engine

Image word-image-3.png of 10 Best WooCommerce Hosting Companies

When it comes to WP Engine, it is not the cheapest option available on the market but it is entirely dedicated to WordPress. It has the support for your WooCommerce websites. You will have your project up and running without any trouble. They even offer the Enterprise option that will takes care of the largest shops with ease.

For every of their client, WP Engine offers to choose between their data centers which are located across four continents. In case you are locally oriented business we would say that this is a great option to have servers closer to your clients. The closer the servers to your clients hence the the faster your shop will load for them. However, if you are a global marketplace in that case you will probably need all locations anyways. This excellent site performance offers terrific user experience, as well as better SEO and, most importantly, much more conversions.

All through the WP Engine’s 7 days a week customer support, you can always get in touch with WP masterminds. There will be no issue that will go by unresolved. Furthermore, daily backups and also the multiple firewalls between the data and threats will keep your site much more secure. There is even a threat detector that is available which allows you to monitor the environment. This site puts a lot of attention to speed, plus the page performance data that is available for you to examine your page in-depth.

On the whole we would say that choosing WP Engine as your WooCommerce hosting provider is wise and their Personal plan is the perfect option to begin with. One page has been set with up to 25,000 visits per month and 10 GB of local storage. So what are you waiting for?

InMotion Hosting

Image word-image-4.png of 10 Best WooCommerce Hosting Companies

InMotion is not one of WooCommerce hosting providers with a specific plan for online stores, yet it offers many solutions for everyone who would like to start an eCommerce business. To host your WooCommerce site we would say that you should go straight to the VPS plan. Each and every package is optimized for speed and a first-class solution. It is all settled with one-click install feature by which you set up your favorite CMS, in our case WordPress and you are ready to start selling online. Plus for everyone who already runs a website, InMotion offers free migration during the 2 hour period by means of one of their system administrators. In this time, they will help you with the complete migration of your site from the current host to InMotion. Your email and cPanel included as well.

Every VPS plan comes with a variety of features for you to benefit from. With live-state snapshots you can always go to a previous version in case the upgrade or simple improvement is causing any issues. SSD drivers fuel your website with speed and high availability means there are literally no downtimes. Any InMotion VPS plan allows you to create unlimited amounts of email addresses and send out up to 3,600 emails per hour. Automatic backups are executed every 24-36 hours so you always have a copy. This comes helpful especially if your client accidentally deletes something important. This means that you will always have a copy and can turn the website back to the previous state without losing data altogether.

This provider offers more than a 30-day money back guarantee. They do offer you a 90-day refund if you are not satisfied with their services. You can enhance your online store with a VPS and make it shine for sure.

A2 Hosting

Image word-image-5.png of 10 Best WooCommerce Hosting Companies

One of the biggest issues for an online store is performing badly because of the page loading speed. It should be as fast as possible. Categories and product pages should hence load instantly no matter the device shoppers use. Straight away from mobile, tablet or desktop, it should perform swiftly and offer a fantastic user experience.

You can easily meet the highest standards when using A2 Hosting. And for everyone who is blending together WordPress and WooCommerce, they have a special package ready just for that. There is not only one plan, but three so all levels of eCommerce sites are sorted. From small to large marketplaces you can choose one of your own choice. They use the SwiftPlatform which ensures them achieving the highest speeds. Moreover, Turbo serves are available as well for your pages to load up to whopping 20 times faster. But this is available only to the most expensive web hosting plan.

To speed things up for you, A2 Hosting accounts get WooCommerce pre-installed. There is also no need to worry about the updates. When an upgrade is available, an automatic email will be sent out to you. You can then update it from your control panel and always be sure that you are up to date and take to your advantage all the latest features. But it is not only the features, security is also top-notch and improved with each new version.

A2 Hosting is a WooCommerce hosting provider which is a brilliant choice for your e-shop. It serves the needs of every online store owner and has your back covered with an experienced support crew. The uptime is 99.9% and A2 even offers you a money back guarantee at any time. Hence you can try and test their services without risking anything. Are you ready to start selling and making your shop grow above and beyond by using this hosting provider ?


Image word-image-6.png of 10 Best WooCommerce Hosting Companies

Hosting your WooCommerce site using Cloudways, you can be 100% sure that you will achieve one of the fastest loading speeds in your industry. Their global data centers are spread around in different locations worldwide. Have your online store hosted on a server which is the closest to your customers and it will help you increase your conversion rates. All is possible with the Cloudways platform which you can get access to with just three steps. Plus, the migration of your existing WooCommerce store will be free of charge.

Free SSL, plus the pre-installed WP-CLI and built-in MySQL manager are just a small portion of features that come with Cloudways hosting. 99.99% uptime means that your online shop stays live at all times. No need to worry about any of the downtime issues and possible lost sales. Integrated real-time monitoring allows you to have an overview of the performance of your website. Every downtime is reported and when it occurs, Cloudways’ system automatically restores it for your visitors to be able to browse your site continuously. No breaks is part of this platform. You can let the sales coming in on a constant basis. And if you need to take action, monitoring notifies you.

Cloudways sure do know WooCommerce and who better to host with than with a provider who knows the product best. Even the online store plugin people themselves recommend Cloudways. Working hand in hand, not only is the host of the highest-standards, getting reports from different hosting services, WooCommerce is constantly improving, too.

Starting with Cloudways is free for the first 14 days. This gives you just enough time to test the waters and see if it is the right fit for your project. Also, whenever you see an increase in web traffic to your eCommerce platform, you simply expand the server according to your needs. And Cloudways works on the pay as you go basis.


Image word-image-7.png of 10 Best WooCommerce Hosting Companies

HostGator is amongst the top web hosting companies in the world so it is definitely advisable to look into it when choosing the right option for you. While they might not have any plan tailored to WooCommerce, HostGator has a ton of other packages available. You will not be short on features when choosing Gator as your host for your online store. The company also provides WordPress cloud hosting but it is not the best option for your eCommerce site.

Instead, you should look into their VPS plans and so will we. Their WP plans do not come fully stocked with all there is an online shop needs. On the other hand, VPS gives you a complete solution for building and growing your web store. For instance, when implementing SSL certificate into your domain, it is the VPS plan which comes with an IP. When it comes to online buying, it is not required but it is highly recommended to use an SSL. It makes the experience safer and helps you build customer trust. These two play a big part when it comes to the overall success of your web-based business.

Total customization, improved reliability and highly extensible, these are three of the fundamental features of HostGator’s VPS hosting plans. In brief, all the advantages of the dedicated plans, but you do not need to pay for the dedicated server. Additional goodies are unlimited domains, email addresses, FTP accounts and databases. HostGator always makes sure to use industry’s leading hardware for your pages to work swiftly. With weekly off-site backups, they make sure your data is secure from any inconveniences. Start today and have your project live ASAP.

1&1 Hosting

Image word-image-8.png of 10 Best WooCommerce Hosting Companies

1&1 Hosting might be one of the cheapest and yet the best WooCommerce hosting providers. It is simple and yet at the same time a powerful service, as ready to manage stores of various sizes. By using the WordPress and WooCommerce combined, you can sell any type of product online with ease. And 1&1 will help you host it on the web and take care of keeping it live even when your shop grows bigger. You can get involved in the eCommerce hype and bring out your entrepreneurial spirit. You can benefit from ultimate security with the SSL certificate and let buyers comfortably complete purchases. For the website owner, 1&1 offers with the 24/7 customer support which comes as a standard with every plan.

The Basic WooCommerce hosting package by 1&1 manages 1 WordPress project and offers 50 GB SSD storage and unlimited monthly visitors. 1 domain is included in the plan and pre-installed plugins that all the more rapidly speed things up when bringing into being your online project. It has a quick and easy installation all along with a user-friendly interface, hence it welcomes even novices on board.

You are just clicks away from deploying an eCommerce platform and starting making business. WooCommerce gives you complete freedom with site development. Additionally, well-liked WordPress makes it all incredibly easy to operate and also with the 1&1 guarantees the supreme performance. With a combination like this, the possibilities are endless. No need to set into any kind of limitations. Instead, go with the flow and let the machines do all the hard work for you.


Image word-image-9.png of 10 Best WooCommerce Hosting Companies

What does protecting the environment and web hosting have in common? They are both involved in one fascinating company which goes by the name, GreenGeeks. It might just be that you are looking at the greenest and environment friendliest web hosting. For your information, they are entirely powered by the wind energy. Not only that, GreenGeeks has the capacity equivalent to three times the amount they consume. If you would like to contribute to the clean environment, you already know which web hosting for your WooCommerce site you will pick.

Along with all the green stuff, GreenGeeks also offers professional services for every online business. They specifically curated plans for WordPress, however, for shops, you will want to go with the VPS packages. With the one-click set up you will have WP and WooCommerce installed in a breeze. GreenGeeks has 5 VPS plans which are based/named on the amount of RAM you get. All sport 4 cores and start at minimum of 1 TB bandwidth and 25 GB SSD storage. The largest plan goes up to 3 TB in bandwidth and 125 GB of SSD storage. But this is only for the establish online shops with quite a decent amount of monthly traffic

99.9% service uptime, plus the free eNom domain reseller account, automatic IP scans and cPanel/WHM license included in the hosting company too. From the control panel, you will have all the fun managing and maintaining your hosting account and all the rest that comes along.

If you care about the environment and you need an expert hosting service, you sure cannot go wrong with GreenGeeks. It is slightly more expensive but all for a reason.



Image woocart-home-1024x599.png of 10 Best WooCommerce Hosting Companies

And after the big guns, here is the challenger!

WooCart is definitely a WooCommerce hosting service, not a plugin, as its name could suggest. And it has many good arguments over the competition:
– It hosts WooCommerce sites, and only WooCommerce sites. Which enables a great deal of optimisations.
– It is hosted by the best on the market, namely Google Cloud (same as Kinsta, a reference for WordPress hosting). This is a great guarantee that your store will keep going fast under all circumstances.
– It brings automated and free Image Optimisation with an image CDN. Nice to know for all (like myself) who tried to get the same from well-know image plugins.
– It provides a one-click staging environment, synchronised without loss of orders. And this is a major concern for store owners: to test and push changes (plugins, themes) without the fear of new orders being lost.

Speed, World class hosting, image optimisation, lossless staging … and free transfer. No excuses to not test WooCart.

How to Choose Best Woocommerce Web Hosting Companies?

Hosting a WooCommerce site means you have to think about caching as well. If you are thinking about working with a host that is thinking about caching in the context of WooCommerce just as because you don’t want your cart icon (0) to stay cached when someone adds an item to their cart. Most WordPress hosting companies are in search for the pack as many sites as they can. This is the reason that they do try to cache everything that they can.

Some of the eCommerce site can result into wide range of the database queries as in view for each product and also for all the products in a category. The page of My Account has been all set with the addresses that are to be presented back to your side. They are all put together with the historical purchases all along with the statuses of all your order items that need to be shipped your way. Plus you can translate to a bunch of queries that somehow return unique and specific data just for you. If they are on the whole slow or missing data, it erodes shopper confidence.

You should also be considering with the external calls as well. You should be considering with the integration with a tax calculation engine, or most of the times with the shipping partner, or even to a payment gateway. These are dynamics that will somehow test how well your server as processes these kinds of requests and responses. Plus the email will be storing the sends as compare to your normal site.

Benefits of Using WooCommerce for Your Ecommerce Site

WooCommerce is naming to be one of the most popular ecommerce solutions available. It normally works with the WordPress that is a very popular Content Management System (CMS) which you can use to create a website in a matter of minutes. All in all we would say that you can add almost any functionality all through the aid of a plugin.

Image word-image-10.png of 10 Best WooCommerce Hosting Companies

To put it simply, plugins are somehow taken to be the add-ons that can extend WordPress core in so many of the ways. There are plugins that would on the whole enable you to create custom contact forms. It would even make it possible for you to sell items online and process payments. WooCommerce falls the second category.

It is complete free base plugin to use. It is added with some premium extensions too.

It is easy to learn. If you have spent some time using WordPress, then in that case the WooCommerce should come naturally to you.

It is much popular. They are one of the widely used plugins. It would make your task easier as in finding with the problem running.

How to Set Up WooCommerce?

Step 1:

Image word-image-11.png of 10 Best WooCommerce Hosting Companies

First of all you have to register a Domain Name and pick up with the web host. This makes you offer with the excellent WordPress hosting at reasonable prices. Some of the people register their domains through their web hosts, but we recommend keeping the two separate so you can easily hold on to your domain name if you change hosts. You can use a dedicated service like Namecheap to choose and purchase your domain. As you are done you have to find with the good web host to set up your site. SiteGround is one of the top options available for WordPress as since it is much beginner-friendly, highly scalable, and quite affordable. If you are in search for a more hands-off experience, then you can always opt for a managed hosting platform such as Flywheel. You have to later on choose with the plan. If you are beginner, then we would recommend getting a basic shared hosting plan, as since you can always upgrade later if you need to. Once you have registered and paid for your subscription, and then you can move on to the next step.

Step 2:

Image word-image-12.png of 10 Best WooCommerce Hosting Companies

Now in the second step, you have to install with the wordpress on your selected host. This may be the easiest part of the setup process. While WordPress can be installed manually, in the same way most hosts enable you to set up the platform all the way by using a simple installer that can be accessed right into the control panel. You have to download the installer that would be varying as from host to host. You have to enter with some of the settings adding with the site’s name, its domain, your admin credentials, and so on. If you decided to go with the choice of the SiteGround, you can check out this tutorial on how to use their installer.

Step 3:

Image word-image-13.png of 10 Best WooCommerce Hosting Companies

Now you have to install and Activate the WooCommerce Plugin! This is the final step of the installation of the woocommerce and get activated with it. You have to first log in to your new WordPress site and look for the Plugins tab. You have to click on it, and then select the Add New button at the top of the screen. You will be adding new plugin to the wordpress. On the next screen, you will use the search feature on the right to look for the WooCommerce plugin. There are plenty of add-ons as in view with the platform. In this way so make sure you pick the base plugin. Once you have found it, click on Install Now. This install button might be replaced by the activation button as well. This will let you know that now the plugin has been set up but it is not running. Once you click Activate, WordPress will do its thing and also the woocommerce will be good to go.

Image word-image-14.png of 10 Best WooCommerce Hosting Companies

If you have decided to create your site with WordPress, WooCommerce is practically the default choice as in view with the setting up an online store. It is taken to be one of the most polished and comprehensive ecommerce solutions. Plus, it is also pretty intuitive if you already know your way around WordPress. If you are ready to build your own ecommerce site with WordPress and WooCommerce, then make sure that you have to register the domain name and pick a web host and also install WordPress on your chosen host. You have to install and activate the WooCommerce plugin.

What Are WooCommerce Extensions?

Image word-image-15.png of 10 Best WooCommerce Hosting Companies

WooCommerce extensions will be giving out with the great way to add new features to your store. Extensions are WooCommerce’s version of WordPress plugins. They hence all the more fulfill a similar role by enabling you to add extra functionality to your site. By using the extensions you can add more powerful features. WooCommerce comes with most of the basic ecommerce functionality you will need but at the same time you will probably want to use extensions to add more advanced options. They are much easy to set up. Installing extensions works the same way but they will function if WooCommerce is active on your site. We would make you tell that WooCommerce extensions is that some of them can be a bit expensive. There are reasonably-priced and even free options available too as well in the store.

Just like WordPress plugins, WooCommerce extensions hence come in all flavors and sizes. The process of installing them is carried out to be much simple and has been set with the hundreds of excellent options in the WooCommerce repository. WooCommerce Google Analytics is taken to be probably the best way to integrate Google Analytics with WooCommerce. WooCommerce MailChimp is one such extension if you want to use your store to create better email marketing campaigns. Product Bundles is the extension that is a smart way to bundle your products and sell them together. WooCommerce Freshdesk as with this extension, you will be able to create and manage support tickets.

How to Set Up a Multilingual WooCommerce Store?

Just adding new languages to your WooCommerce store is a bit more complicated than including extra currencies. The best way to do it is by adapting one of WordPress’ best multilingual plugins, WPML as to work with WooCommerce. To use it with your store, you do need a second tool called WooCommerce Multilingual:

First of all, install the WPML plugin. You don’t have to configure it for now as since you have to still need to integrate it with WooCommerce so that it also supports product translation.

After that you will be going to install the WooCommerce Multilingual plugin. Once both tools are set up, you can check out this top-to-bottom guide to translating your online store. It will be time-consuming process but at the end the rewards are well worth it.

Getting more eyes on your online store is not always easy, but there are ways to do it. just as by adding new languages and currencies to WooCommerce there do has the potential to open up new demographics for you to market your products to.

You can display your prices in multiple currencies using WooCommerce Currency Switcher. You can also set up additional languages using WPML and WooCommerce Multilingual.

Top Ways to Market Your Online Store of Woocommerce

As even if you are best-looking WooCommerce store can still struggle to attract clients. There are so many online outlets as in favor of each one of the almost every niche that if you want your site to succeed.

You can make the best use of the social media to get the word out. Ecommerce Guide’s Twitter account. Social media is one of the best places to build an audience and market your products. There are over two billion people now use at least one form of social media. This means that if you can tap into one of the popular platforms, and you can reach a massive audience of potential new customers.You can always pay for ads on your platform of choice, but we are hence partial to more budget-friendly marketing methods. You can set up accounts on all the platforms that are relevant to your store and its audience. You can find a tool to automate sharing your content to social media, such as IFTTT. You can hence make use of popular hashtags in your niche, and then reply to comments to increase engagement. If you want to be as efficient as possible then you are much smart to focus your efforts on the largest social media platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook.

WooCommerce’s Instagram account comes up with the point that as more followers an account attracts as it has been set with the more conversion opportunities it has. Influencers are social media users or accounts with lots of followers and very high engagement. As by getting a mention or endorsement from one of these figures can net you a lot of sales. You can identify influencers in your niche. You can contact them to learn if they are willing to advertise your products. You can also negotiate a rate or service exchange. Just agree on the message you want them to publish. You should always keep in mind that reaching out to accounts in your specific niche is a crucial part of this process.

You can also improve Your Store’s Search Engine Optimization. A Google search result.Search engine traffic is one of the most reliable sources of customers. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing your store to get better results on platforms such as Google. It takes work, but it is also one of the best ways to secure long-term traffic for your store. Plus, you don’t need to spend any money to improve your SEO effectively

There are plenty of plugins that can help you with your WooCommerce store’s SEO. Also, keep these tips in mind for optimal results that you have to choose adequate keywords for your products. You should write thorough descriptions for each item and also optimize your product image’s alt and title tags.

These measures make it easier for search engines to find your products and rank them more highly. You probably won’t see results right away, but SEO work pays off over the long term.

With PPC advertising, you can reach a massive audience and set your own marketing budget. Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC) is when you run ads on a particular platform, and pay for each click on those ads. It is a great way to target users who are already interested in your products or niche. Plus, you get to set your own budget, and in most cases each click should only cost you a few cents. It is a simple field to master, and you may not see results without investing some time and money. You have to choose a platform to advertise on. You have to set a budget, and spread it out between ads to maximize how much data you get. You need to test variations of your ads to see which ones perform better and then scale up your top-performing campaigns.

Turning your WooCommerce store into a success story takes time. To get there, you do need to grow your audience bit by bit, and hence coax each lead into becoming a repeat customer. However, the rewards of this investment are somehow being well worth it. Plus, once your store becomes more popular you will be having a larger marketing budget to work with.

Final Thoughts

Well in this blog post we have covered so much of the information related with the woocommerce hosting companies to choose the best one. We have even explained the basics you need to build and grow your WooCommerce store. You have learned how to add products, optimize and market your store, and also to integrate it with various useful tools, and more.

With the field as complex as ecommerce, there will always be something new to learn down the line. You should keep in mind that you can always refer to this guide at any time if you are not sure what your store’s next move should be. We also encourage you to check out our library of ecommerce guides and news if you want to immerse yourself even more in the field.

Do you have any questions about how to set up your ecommerce site with WooCommerce? Visit out webpage to learn more about it!

Reasons To Choose WooCommerce For Building WordPress ECommerce Website

Since the year 2011, Woocommerce has come the long way in turning out to be one of the most popular eCommerce plugin for WordPress. The kind of flexibility it has been providing away to the website owners for various important features mentioning with the managing payments, shipping, inventory, reporting, marketing and taxe. These all features have made it to be the king of the marketplaces. The main reason as for the success of WooCommerce is its ability to help you create a shopping cart on your WordPress website without any web development knowledge. Below we are listing with some of the important reasons about why woocommerce is so famous and high in demand!

Basic Free Functions

It would make you offer as loaded with free basic functionalities which are important features for your eCommerce website. Some of the features which comes with downloaded WooCommerce plugin freely are namely to be as mentioned below:

  • Coupons / discounts
  • Product reviews
  • Subscriptions / recurring payments
  • Flat rate shipping
  • Paypal Standard payment

You will often be finding with wide range of hundreds of other useful and affordable add-ons by using which you can start your eCommerce website immediately with these free functions. You can often add with some of the other add-ons later as your per your business requirements.

An Ocean of Product Possibilities

WooCommerce would be giving you the complete freedom as to sell everything and anything. There is a complete range of the nfinite categories, attributes, descriptions, tax classes and images for the sake of hundreds of products that can be added. You can customize your website by means of different attributes that would be allowing for different sizes, colors, variations and product bundling. WooCommerce is also giving you out the best opportunity to sell any physical, as well as downloadable, virtual and even affiliate product.

Amazing Add-On Features

There are wide range of major and important add-on features which can be added once your business grows. WooCommerce would make you add as many add-on features as your business needs. You can come up with the addition of the amazing features at a small cost that would be helping your online store reach new height. Some of the functionalities which you can think about to add are as mentioned below:

  • Advanced or the table rate shipping
  • Cross-sell and upsell to generate more sales
  • PDF invoices
  • Related product suggestions
  • Product comparisons
  • PayPal Pro payment processing
  • Authorize.net payment processing
  • MailChimp or the Constant Contact email subscription integration
  • Shipping integration with FedEx, UPS and USPS
  • Invoicing integration with QuickBooks
  • Wishlists
  • Support forums

Fully Customizable

As it is known out to be the open source, therefore the WooCommerce is easily and fully customizable just as according to the needs of the business owner. The code that is to be used for the development of the eCommerce website hence can be modified by the developers just as according to the need of business. As WooCommerce make sure that they are working in the medium of the alignment with WordPress that would be allowing you to take benefits of 877 million plugins. These useful plugins can on the whole extend the functionality of WordPress website to its users.

Provides Scalability

You can often think about to sell with some of the indefinite products from your online store without any limitations. The only thing that would hence limits you is the hosting package which you have opted in favor of it. If in case your hosting does not limit you, then you can easily customize the theme files. You can also think about to build various extensions with the means of the available APIs.

Reliable Order Tracking or Inventory Management

As you start off by building your online store with WooCommerce, it is much important to learn that you should be having a reliable order tracking and inventory management system. Quickbooks are the best ways that can be used to streamline your order tracking and inventory management process. By the medium of this integration with your website, you can transfer orders, as well as customers and inventory to your QuickBooks account. It do make sure that the website’s pricing and inventory levels are current as well. Apart from it, QuickBooks POS can also be used at the best as in order to manage your customers, as well as orders and inventory levels effectively.

Easy and Simple Monitoring

It has been readily accessible in the range of the advanced tracking plugins which can track customers and prospects shopping behavior. You can easily often carry out to integrate your website with Google Analytics that would assist you to gain with the various inputs about your customers. You can often get the useful information about the customers such as their total active time and the bounce rate that can be gathered for the purpose of taking effective business decisions.

User-friendly Approach

There are some of users that are somehow familiar with the features and functions of WordPress. This would at the end make it much easier for them to manage the website. There are almost 50% of the websites in the world that are marked to be build on the setup of the WordPress that makes the WooCommerce an easy thing to handle. As it is known out to be the plugin therefore it would works as seamlessly with WordPress on the basis that most of the users are already familiar with the its dashboard. If any user has the minimum technical knowledge they can still manage and handle the eCommerce website built on top of the WooCommerce.

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