Best Ecommerce WordPress Themes

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Table of Contents

Shopkeeper WooCommerce theme

These days, more and more retailers are adding or moving to online stores, and are always looking for ways to sell or promote themselves online. Online selling is a part of the Internet that is growing rapidly, with no signs of slowing down, and is an excellent way to reach a broad customer base.

Small vendors may not have the infrastructure to support large websites as major retailers do, or the budget to pay developers, but still want to stand out from the crowd. WordPress is an option to fill that niche, since several of its themes are being designed with eCommerce in mind. Here is a list that we have compiled from our favorite e-commerce topics, ranging from simple online stores to multi-use websites. You will surely find something here that will satisfy your online sales needs !

More and more companies are opening online stores, and they are not just completely new businesses, even old established now understand the importance of having an online presence.
However, for online customers to make a purchase on their website, proper planning is required. In the few seconds that a mouse passes over its home page, it should tempt the visitor to stay longer, look more and, most importantly, buy !
In this article, we will cover some of the most important things to consider, how to choose an appropriate e-commerce theme for your site, and we will end with a brief look at the best e-commerce WordPress theme in the market.
Let us begin.

How to convince a visitor

The short answer is the presentation of the product. The display of the product on the pages of your store must be sufficiently striking for the mouse to be delayed. The images must be clear, visible from different angles and with zoom. The description of the product must be exhaustive, but concise. Product comparisons and prices should be available to a prospective buyer.
If you can not convey the value proposition well, you can not begin to expect a reasonable conversion rate. Good e-commerce thrives by showing a catalog of products in a way that tempts a buyer. The combination of a sensational product display with top-notch navigation within your website means that you have given yourself the opportunity to have a profitable e-commerce business. And this is where WordPress themes can excel.

Why WordPress for e-commerce ?

Chances are you’re not going to build the next Amazon, in which case WordPress will surely be your best bet. Keep in mind that content marketing is an incredibly popular mechanism to increase conversion rates. And adding blog pages is a sure way to improve the connection of customers. WordPress is a clean publishing platform and can handle these functions very well.

Ecommerce add-ons for WordPress

If you have an online store, you’ve probably heard of WooCommerce. An incredible WordPress e-commerce plugin that is by far the most dominant player, which currently gives more than 37% of all online stores, WooCommerce is simply excellent ! In addition, it is now under the administration of, and is actively being developed by, the same company behind Automattic. This means that not only it is super reliable, but also a solid long-term bet !
For the sake of fairness, however, it must be said that WooCommerce is not the only WordPress e-commerce plugin that exists, and that for some sites it may not be the ideal one to use. Other WordPress e-commerce plugins to consider include iThemes Exchange, MarketPress eCommerce, WP eCommerce, Cart66 Cloud and Easy Digital Downloads.

Choose an e-commerce theme for WordPress

The choice of an e-commerce theme is really huge. In ThemeForest alone (by far the most popular place to buy WordPress themes), you’ll find nearly 1,000 eCommerce WordPress themes to choose from. This can be both liberating and overwhelming, if not downright confusing.
So, how to choose the best e-commerce theme for your website ?
The theme you choose should represent your business and in a way that improves your brand identity. In most cases, it will be better to keep the subject simple. Retain only the features that are important to your website. Remember : it is your product that should be in the center of attention, not the theme.

Four important things to keep in mind :

•  In case of doubt, remember : the user’s experience first, last and always.

•  Adapt the customer experience and personalize the theme you use to reflect your brand. Make sure the topic is malleable enough to accommodate these changes.

• Compatibility with the standard ecommerce add-ons of the market is essential.

• While many interesting designs are possible, it is safer to continue with familiar designs for stores. Buyers expect a certain type of format for the stores, and if they get too far away from family presentations, they may find it difficult to navigate. A simple test would be to see if a user can find their way, even if the site is in an unknown language. That is the desired degree of visual familiarity.

The 20 best WordPress e-commerce themes in the market


Shopkeeper WooCommerce theme

With Shopkeeper, you can simply adopt a pre-composed page from among the many that come with the theme. Or, if you want to be adventurous and start from scratch, advanced theme options will help you create the page that best reflects your store brand. The theme is also a delight for developers, since they can build a website in a very short time for different clients that use pre-built designs, numerous design elements and customization options. The multi-function rich style header will be practical here for sure.
Almost all the functions of the store, from the exhibition of the product to the shipment, are in charge. Two premium add-ons, Visual Composer (which helps the creation of pages) and Revolution Slider (for the display of slides), are included with the theme, so it is a proposal of great value.


Atelier WooCommerce theme

Updated only in early June, Atelier is now better than ever, and its improved compatibility with WooCommerce and Visual Composer means that users can configure their store without problems. The 12 demonstrations can also be easily imported and adopted for your store.
Ten header types with animation options and four different product design options (each with its own variations) can help you showcase your store’s products with advantage. The shopping experience for buyers is fluid, with visual clues that lead them to pay. The four cart styles can be animated in five ways and eliminate the tedium of making payments. The theme is fast loading and is fully optimized for search engines.
Gravity Forms is designed to match the theme, and you can add them almost anywhere on the website, so that users can communicate at any stage of the purchase process. If it’s a chain of stores or multiple brands you’re looking at, do not worry ! Atelier is compatible with multiple sites, so if you want, you can have a different site for each brand, store or chain, or for each language.


Flatsome WooCommerce theme

With a sales figure of 28,000, Flatsome is the best-selling WooCommerce theme in ThemeForest.
The search for products on the website from any device is a delightful experience with this theme, as it includes touch-optimized sliders and product carousels. An attractive product display is possible with animated CSS banners, parallax banners, video banners and sliders, pre-defined and animated banners, and built-in Quick View.
The theme offers several options, which you can add according to the requirements : Facebook login, quick zoom of product images, live search of products, fixed headings for easy navigation, unlimited forms and ‘wish list’ features’.  A catalog viewing option is also offered, which hides prices and purchasing functionality. An important requirement for e-commerce issues is the use of unlimited sidebars and widgets areas, and you will find that this is possible with Flatsome.
PSD and secondary files are included, and access to online documentation is allowed, so developers have a lot of flexibility with the subject. The authors also offer individual email support.


Yithemes Maya shop WooCommerce theme

MayaShop uses a large amount of white space to refocus the product. Similar to the other topics discussed here, it comes with prebuilt designs, sliders, and customizations options. Eight homepage sliders are full of the theme.
The cart is a bit oversized, so shoppers can be attentive to the items that are piled up in it, and each product can be labeled. When the mouse hovers over the product thumbnail, a small pop-up window at the bottom shows what to do next : add to the cart, choose a size or read more about an exhausted product. Buyers can compare products before adding them to the cart, and a search option can be activated in the header.

The retailer

The retailer WooCommerce theme

The Retailer is a high quality e-commerce theme that is quite favorite among store owners. A good number of precompiled pages can help even a beginner to start building a website and then customize it from the powerful topic options panel. You can check the step-by-step guides and the video paths every time you encounter an obstacle, and Visual Composer is also included in the theme for free, which can help with the visual development of pages.
This theme helps you manage a store almost on your own, as it supports payment collection, inventory management, and order and customer tracking, as well as keeping you up-to-date with store performance with integrated reports. In each list, you can also show related products.
Precompiled pages can also be used for other websites (not only for e-commerce websites), in which case you can choose to hide the e-commerce function.


Flatsome WooCommerce theme Kallyas WooCommerce theme

Kallyas is a multipurpose WordPress theme that can be used in multiple niches, including e-commerce. Visual Builder is included in the theme, there are more than 100 elements to adapt to each application and you can find the one you want using the live search feature. Once you have designed a page, you can save any part of it or the entire page to use it in the future.
The specific features of the store in this theme include main pages designed especially for stores, sliders and carousels to display products, categories with sidebars, product pages, shopping cart, payment process and customer accounts. Many features for the use of online stores find a place among the drag and drop elements: Google Maps, price tables, contact forms, picture boxes and more.
The new addition to the design, ‘Moderna’, can be adopted by the stores. It provides lists of new products, product page layouts and general WooCommerce designs. Kallyas is prepared for SEO and, with an eye on the speed of the site, only loads the necessary resources.


Neighborhood swiftideas WooCommerce theme

Neighborhood is a theme that comes packed with design features inspired by e-commerce to help you build a modern online store. It helps your focus on providing an excellent customer experience ;  you will discover that, in addition to being receptive, it is optimized to the touch. All sliders incorporate sliding functionality, so navigating from any device is easy.
Neighborhood comes with the Swift framework and the creator of the Swift page, so if the 19 precompiled pages are not your taste, you can easily change them. You can include an optional wish list on your store’s website : users can add products to the wish list through the product page or using thumbnails, and then access the wish list from the header or through their account.
To simply display the products without putting them on sale, you can choose to hide the purchase and payment functions. A particular feature that buyers will find useful is the super search or personal purchase feature, which allows them to apply filters to up to six different fields, and then assign attributes to these fields. Customers can access the super search to find the products using a natural language.


Elegantthemes Styleshop WooCommerce theme

The 20 prefabricated designs and the Divi Builder included in Divi make it one of the favorites of WordPress users. Designs can be customized, and Divi Builder and the 46 content modules will help you build your website visually. The theme includes multiple header options : you can center your logo or create multiple menu areas and more, and you can verify if you did it right by using the live preview feature.
Among the 46 content modules, see the module of the particular store. This gives you the full range of features to build a fully developed online store. Divi is fully translation ready and has already been translated into 32 languages. The fully translated Divi Builder interface will make it easier for users and readers can also access it in the available languages. The front-end and the constructor interface can be RTL enabled.
Divi Builder includes an integrated system of conversion rate optimization and split tests, from which you can obtain statistics that can offer valuable information for your store. You can compare different versions of the same page to see which one works best for you, and splitting tests can be applied to every aspect of your website creation, so you can get to the best model.
The theme has been awarded the Safe Theme Seal by Sucuri.


Obox Store WooCommerce theme

Store is a multipurpose e-commerce theme of Obox Themes. It is designed to be suitable for all online stores, regardless of whether it is large or small. It comes packed with easy-to-use features for the customer : one page payment, customer rating, shipping calculation (so there are no unpleasant surprises in the payment process), product interconnection for a better browsing experience and much more . The hero widget will allow you to display up to five different e-commerce categories on your home page.
The theme is fully optimized for SEO, and the product page is designed to increase conversions. Featured products and categories, related products, product ratings, good social integration and the option to sell items through the Facebook fan page with the addition of an add-on make it easier to convert a search into a purchase.
A selection of fonts, the use of visual personalization, loading custom headers, and changing options in the theme settings panel will help you create the look you want for your site. The ability to easily embed videos and resize images with the WordPress size setting will take away the burden of having to resize images manually for your product pages and anywhere else on your website.

Bazar Shop

Yithemes Bazar WooCommerce theme

The Bazar Shop theme pays close attention to the product pages and can publish several images of your product with zoom effect. In addition to the qualifications and the product description tab, it also has a product query tab with a contact form, so a visitor can make inquiries about the product without leaving the page. The related products tab also finds a place on the product page, and the custom tab allows you to add personalized content about the product.
You can use eight types of slider, including the premium slider. The width and height of each slider can be customized and can be used in several locations, such as the header and individual pages. Any number of header images is possible, and you can display offers or products as static images or in a slider within the header. The width of the footer can be adjusted as desired, and the design can be framed or stretched, with or without sidebar. All these options mean that it is possible to make the design of your website match your exact preference.
Two personalized payment pages are available, and a pop-up message can be used to draw attention to any special offer, sale or news. The personalized login page for customers and a short code manager with more than 300 short codes are included with the theme. Unlimited sidebars, easy navigation and efficient product viewing make Bazar an ideal theme for stores.


Laborator Aurum WooCommerce theme

Aurum is a minimalist and fast-loading theme for WordPress stores. It has four demo versions that you can simply import and adopt : Online bookstore, TechShop, Jewelry and Fashion, and other stores can also adopt these templates. It makes use of images, sources and high-quality text, and a welcome page receives visitors and directs them to the to the nearest regional store. The header comes in many variants, including a transparent one that will add effect to parallax funds, and stores can adopt this combination to their advantage. Aurum is optimized to the touch, so seeing the products on a carousel is a pleasant experience. The YITH wish list, the personalized search page with content filters and the navigation path are all characteristics of buyers present in the theme. Using content blocks or sliders, you can view limited products directly on the home page. The latest products, popular products or special offers can be displayed prominently here, and the home page can also include some popular blog posts to draw attention to specific products or promotional offers, or anything that is of topical interest.


Jawtemplates Goodstore WooCommerce theme

GoodStore is another theme of premium e-commerce that finds favor with stores on the Internet. It allows you to choose between six different headers and 22 different layouts, which you can simply import with one click. If you like nothing, you can try to build a page with the Revo page generator that comes with the theme.
The theme is compatible with multiple sites, and is already translated into 14 languages, making it suitable for stores that sell in several countries. It is easy to manage inventory and create and display a portfolio with GoodStore. The JAW slider will help you create simple sliders that can be used to view, include more than 50 short codes and the short code editor will help you refine the look of your website. Widgets and images can be added to the menu using the included JAW plugin. To manage blocks of content for advertising, you have the ad manager, and you can even place a banner among the publications.
It is compatible with many add-ons, and all recommended add-ons can be updated with a single click.


Newnorth fuelthemes North WooCommerce theme

North is a fairly complete subject of electronic commerce. The full page slider on the main page is combined with some parallax elements for a dazzling presentation, but North is not just about looks ; it also creates a wonderful online experience for the customer. Account pages for customers are unique and include a wish list, while products, when they appear in the full-screen design, can entice a customer to add to the cart.
North is a good value for money purchase, as it includes six functional premium add-ons worth $ 161 : Visual Composer, Slider Revolution, WooCommerce Product Filter, WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing and Discounts, WooCommerce PDF Invoice and WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping. Then, there is a deep integration with WooCommerce and the result is a super functional store.


WooThemes Storefront WooCommerce theme

Storefront is a WooCommerce theme from WooThemes, and it’s about WordPress users absolutely free. It is designed by Automattic, the same people who created the WordPress platform and the WooCommerce add-on, and offers an efficient platform to buy online.
To date, it has been downloaded 774,327 times, which gives you an idea of ​​how popular this topic is. Now, this is a somewhat bare-bones issue, which means that it remained intentionally clear to perform e-commerce core functions with great efficiency, but it gives you the ability to add features to a solid platform. If you want to add features, you should simply search the extensions offered by WooThemes.
Using secondary themes, you can change the look of your website. This theme is ideal for store owners who want to have an efficient online store, offering a base from which they can start building their website and the option to add only the features they need, without excess baggage to decelerate it.


8theme Woopress kids WooCommerce theme

WooPress is another impressive e-commerce theme. It shares many of the features described in the previous topics, such as designs and headers and footers, with customization possibilities to help you get the look you want for your website.
The theme is fast loading and is designed to showcase attractive products. A series of premium add-ons, such as Visual Composer, Master Slider, Slider Revolution, Essential Grid and Live Chat, are included with the theme.


Artemis WooCommerce theme

Artemis is a flexible theme of WooCommerce to create high quality online stores with WordPress.
Therefore, if you need to make sure that your online store has a highly professional appearance, that you immediately let your visitors know that your products are reliable and that your brand is reliable, Artemis could be the subject for you. Although Artemis is a WooCommerce WordPress multipurpose theme, which includes a varied selection of online store demonstrations, all designs share an elegant and classy appearance that makes this theme a good choice for stores that offer premium products or at least want attract high-level clients. As you can easily see all the demos of the Artemis store on the main page of the theme, you can quickly get an idea of ​​the type of online store you can create with this template.
Once you have chosen a design, you can quickly import it to your WordPress website. All the e-commerce functions useful in the Artemis package are enabled by default, including the quick search of the product that makes it easier for buyers to find what they are looking for. You can also upload product videos to each list, giving your buyers another way to verify their inventory, along with the traditional photo gallery. As expected from one of the best WooCommerce WordPress themes, everything about Artemis is compatible with mobile devices so that buyers can make purchases from wherever they are and from any device they use to access their website.
The personalization features are well represented in Artemis’s list of features. The Visual Premium Premium Composer, now known as WPBakery Page Builder, is included to provide you with web design tools to make any changes to pre-built content. Slider Revolution is also included, making it easy to add product slide shows and other interactive presentations to your store.
Artemis covers all the essential elements and more when it comes to professional themes of WooCommerce WordPress.


Merchandiser WooCommerce theme

Being successful in e-commerce requires expert knowledge of your products and your customers, especially when creating a fantastic looking website. There are many resources available to cover the first two, and for your website, there is Merchandiser. Powered by WooCommerce, this theme has been designed with simplicity and functionality optimized in mind. Designs are modified directly from the Customizer, with design options that include a selected selection of Google Fonts, a customizable header and a mega menu for feature-rich browsing. If you have more specific design requirements, Merchandiser is included with the Visual Composer add-on, which allows you to build your pages using a drag-and-drop interface.
In general, if you are looking for a theme that can offer full functionality with powerful design options, you should call the experts, and Merchandiser.


Nitro Woorockets WooCommerce theme

Marketed as the latest WooCommerce theme, Nitro is definitely a topic worth taking a look at. Includes templates for fashion, electronics, furniture, sports and jewelry, with three new designs launched each month. All the designs are minimalist and clean, putting the focus on the products.
Nitro complements its attractive design with powerful e-commerce functionality. Built-in features include promotion pop-up windows, live search, inventory alerts, wish lists, and size charts. It supports a variety of page layouts and is compatible with the Visual Composer plugin for all your design customization needs.
If you sell any type of product with WooCommerce, then Nitro is a subject that you should consider.


Wholesaledeluxetheme Neto WooCommerce theme

Visual appearance matters a lot when you build an e-commerce store. Since customers can not interact with their products, all they can do is see what they can see. That’s why Neto helps you present your business and your products in an elegant and modern way.
Fortunately, you do not have to sacrifice control over your site to achieve an impressive appearance. Neto offers many features to help you fully customize your online store. This includes support for several page generator add-ons, several theme options, and a large number of color options and settings. You will also have access to a flexible customizer of custom pages and widgets that make it easy to create almost any design you want.
Of course, once you attract potential customers with your design and products, you will have to provide a user experience without problems if you want them to stay. Neto has you covered here too. This theme is SEO friendly, and is designed for maximum speed and performance. If you need help, the developers offer assistance through their dedicated forums.
If you want to show your catalog on a site that customers will enjoy using, Neto is a topic you may want to try.


Let’s face it : you own a store, not a web designer. There are innumerable issues with extensive customization options, but all that potential adjustment takes valuable time away from the real source of money : selling your items. The developers of Hugo recognize it and have created a simple theme with a ‘hipster’ look that allows you to quickly get your store up and running.
The home pages are designed with a drag-and-drop page generator, and along with a modern, easy-to-read default font, there are multiple color combinations to choose from. Like other topics on this list, Hugo’s store focuses on the included complement of WooCommerce, which means that all the capabilities of that platform are also at your entire disposal.
In a nutshell, Hugo focuses on the job of selling his items instead of infinite personalization, and will undoubtedly attract those who want to spend more time selling, and less time playing.


Walker Edge WooCommerce Theme

There is nothing wrong with a discreet appearance, as several other topics on this list demonstrate. However, humble design may not suit your own requirements, so if you’re looking for an ultramodern design powered by WooCommerce, Walker could be ideal.
This theme looks bold and modern, with 15 homepage layouts and five header types to choose from. You can make more design customizations using the included Visual Composer plugin, so Walker certainly does not skimp on the customization options. In general, this theme has a complex aesthetic, with bold default font options and a monochromatic color scheme, crowned with some stylish animations and parallax scroll functionality.
In a nutshell, there’s a lot I like about Walker. It is ideal for those looking for a penetrating look and flexible design options for their showcase.

StoreMate (Dokan)

Image WordPress-MarketPlace-Dokan-Theme.jpg of Best Ecommerce WordPress Themes

StoreMate is a multipurpose e-commerce theme designed for all kind of eCommerce stores. It is packed with brilliant Page Designs along with advanced level features that make it fully optimized for SEO.

Grid and List Layout presents store listing in a grid or list forms, thereby helps in enhancing the browsing experience for users. Its Automated Mega Menu Support allows pop up and magnifies the menus listed on the top bar whenever the customers hover over a link or a defined area. Easy accessibility always attracts the customers and that’s what makes StoreMate best. It provides ready-to-use demos that you can install on your WordPress site in just one click.

This WooCommerce Multivendor Theme supports various Dokan widgets like Vendor Listing Widget, Vendor With Products Widget, Category Widget, Category With Subcategory Widget that increase the store functionality to the optimum level.

Customization is in your hands! It’s your choice how you want to change its color and typography. Typography includes typefaces, line length, point size, tracking, color, kerning, leading and other important design elements that make your content exclusive.


This list of topics will give you a clear idea of ​​how to select the ideal theme for your store. However, when focusing on a topic, always keep in mind the specific needs of your own website. The most important thing: do not rush to make a decision until you are sure ! Keep in mind that a thoughtful online presence can have a big impact on the bottom line, so be sure you have everything in order before diving.

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