I installed the woocommerce extension and now my results appear with no description and weird look

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I installed the WooCommerce extension and now my results appear with no description and a weird look:
WPSOLR - Woocommerce weird search results presentation



With the WooCommerce extension installed, you can index and use attributes as facets, like the _price (with a nice slider facet layout).

When installing WooCommerce, you should use your theme’s search page, instead of WPSOLR’s Ajax search template in screen 2.1 option “Search template”. It will be much better integrated with your theme:

WPSOLR : woocommerce extension select theme


Don’t forget to activate our WooCommerce extension though:WPSOLR - Activate woocommerce extension


Also, you can add Ajax:

WPSOLR - Woocommerce activate Ajax


and advanced facets layouts to your theme too (price slider, ranges, select2, colour picker ….):
WPSOLR admin - Set the Woocommerce price facet layout

WPSOLR - Woocommerce price filter as a slider


Then you’ll need to reindex all your products:

WPSOLR - Woocommerce reindex all

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