Collapse taxonomy hierarchies

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Collapse facet hierarchies

If your stores uses a lot of parent-child categories and you want to use them as facets (filters), it can be a real mess visually. What you need then is a way to collapse your categories: only show the children categories when the visitor needs to show and select them.


Collapse all facet category hierarchies

Collapse all facet category hierarchies

Here is the procedure:

  1. Click on the button to open the Theme facets settings section
  2. Select the option and save it


This option will collapse all facets marked as “hierarchies” as shown below:

Facet category marked as hierarchy

Facet category marked as hierarchy

In the previous screen, in action (1), the facet “Knowledge base category” is marked as “hierarchy”. It will therefore be collapsed by the Theme extension option as shown below:

Facet hierarchy completly collapsed

Facet hierarchy completely collapsed

(1) When first shown, the facet hierarchy is effectively totally collapsed. If we click on the collapsed icon, we can see, and select, the hidden sub categories:

First level of sub categories shown

First level of sub categories shown

Above, after clicking the collapsed icon(1) of “Developer”, the sub categories are revealed. The “Javascript” sub-category collapsed icon (2) can now be clicked.

Notice that the hierarchy remembers which categories are shown or hidden. So, if a user comes back, it’s previous selections will be displayed again.



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