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Qdrant guides for WordPress & WooCommerce

How to import your own data into Qdrant

Qdrant is a vector database & vector similarity search engine. You can import your own data into Qdrant to be used but first you need to create the embeddings. We have created a guide/notebook explaining and showing a code example of how you could do it yourself in 30 minutes or less.   This guide will go over : Setting up and initializing your Qdrant server. Loading the data and creating the corresponding embeddings using the “sentence-transformers” model. Importing the embeddings (vectors) into Qdrant. Testing that the import finished correctly by sending a query.   Learn how to import your own data into Qdrant using our notebook   You can find it at : https://colab.research.google.com/drive/1Ix79zyp2v6XOqQDCfRSRavJinwlxCRDY?usp=sharing   Or following the detailed instructions down below   Start the