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Promote our WPSOLR PRO WordPress search plugin on your website and get paid for it! Get up to 75.00% commission on every sale you refer! Become a WPSOLR PRO affiliate today! Our software products are available for sale through the Avangate Affiliate Network. To start selling, all you need to do is display product information and

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Improve User Experience & Get More Customers with Instant, Predictive & Accurate Search Show me how! WHY WPSOLR IS THE BEST WORDPRESS SEARCH PLUGIN Over OVER 1000 ACTIVE INSTALLATIONS can’t be wrong, right? We anticipated all of our customers needs and offered them a scalable & reliable solution to help them meet their customers’ needs.

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Why Google Prefer User Experience and Speed for Websites

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Why Google Prefer User Experience and Speed for Websites Google is named to be one of the most well known and popular search engine tools. There are millions of people who rather make the use of it on every single day at the massive timeline level. Google is accountable in terms of ranking each single

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44 Best Woocommerce Plugins of 2018

WooCommerce Premium Memberships Bundle

44 Best Woocommerce Plugins of 2018 WooCommerce is one of the most well know and yet one of the used e-commerce WordPress plugins. Not only is it a completely free e-commerce solution for WordPress but it is also easy to use, includes support for many product formats, has options for currencies and taxes, offers the ability to integrate multiple

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How to use jQuery selectors ?

jQuery selectors in wpsolr are used to associate live suggestions and geolocation to your theme’s search box(es). When the wpsolr javascript code needs to identify your search box(es), to attach specific events, it does so by using jQuery selectors. What is jQuery ? jQuery is a javascript library, widely used to simplify the manipulation of the elements

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How does the ajax search work ?

When you choose to display your search results with the ajax search theme delivered with the plugin, several things happen. Search page Wpsolr creates a search page “search-wpsolr”, which only content is a WordPress shortcode. See Is there a shortcode to display the ajax search where I need ? Search form(s) The standard WordPress filter ‘get_search_form’ is

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Where can I download the Apache Solr 4 configuration files ?

Download our Apache Solr 4.x configuration files. They are compatible with our Solr hosting.

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Live search

Live Search Also called Product Suggestions, or Instant search, it extends your search forms with an AJAX search. It shows the search results in a drop-down list while you’re typing, rather than redirecting you to a results page. Thanks to the magic of jQuery selectors, any of your website’s boring search form is transformed in an appealing suggestions box.

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My license went back to the free version

Problem My wpsolr went back to the free version. How do I activate my license back ? Resolution If you’ve just installed WPSOLR for the first time, follow the instruction to activate your license : How to activate a license pack ? If you’ve upgraded WPSOLR, you just need to confirm your license by clicking on

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ACF pack – Can I use google map fields with WPSOLR Geolocation pack ?

Yes, from WPSOLR 14.7, you can. How does it work ? The ACF Google Map fields store an address, a latitude, and a longitude. The WPSOLR ACF pack is able to convert the field informations, when indexing, in a “latitude,longitude” format, fully compatible with the WPSOLR Geolocation pack. You will need to fill the option “Your

November 5, 2016 admin

WooCommerce pack – Can I replace my Category pages with WPSOLR search ?

Yes, you can From WPSOLR 14.9, there is a new option on the WooCommerce pack to replace category pages queries with WPSOLR queries.   How does it work ? WooCommerce categories pages are simply WP_Query with a filter on the category. WPSOLR replaces WP_Query with a Solr query, filtered with the category retrieved from the urls looking like “/product_category/slug-some-category”.

November 19, 2016 admin

WooCommerce pack – Can I replace orders search with WPSOLR search ?

  Yes, from WPSOLR 14.5, you can. How does it work ? WooCommerce orders are built upon the WordPress post type “shop_order”. And, as you know, WPSOLR is able to index and search in any post type. Just select the option “Replace WooCommerce orders search by WPSOLR’s orders search” in your WooCommerce pack, et voilà! What

November 4, 2016 admin

WooCommerce pack – Can I add more sort items than the default ?

Yes, from WPSOLR 14.6, you can. How does it work ? WooCommerce sort drop-down list contains a few default sort items. But, as you know, WPSOLR is able to sort by virtually any product custom field. Just select the option “Replace WooCommerce drop-down list content with WPSOLR’s” in your WooCommerce pack, et voilà! What are the

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How to buy a new subscription ?

WPSOLR is a free plugin, which you can enhance with a subscription pack. You first buy a subscription. On the subscription order, you choose one or more packs with the number of WordPress websites where you want to activate the pack. For instance, let’s imagine you want to boost your search on 3 of your websites. One of them

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ACF pack – How are managed repeaters data and flexible content layouts ?

Definition In the plugin “Advanced Custom Fields”, repeaters and  flexible contents are recursive fields. They are containers for other simple fields (text, select, …), or other recursive fields. Example For instance, a flexible content can contain a files repeater. The files will then be at the third level of the ACF fields hierarchy. And, in that example,

October 30, 2016 admin

Is there a widget to display the search sort list where I need ?

Yes, there is a Widget for that. In your WordPress admin, go to menu Appearance->Widgets. Drag&drop the widget “WPSOLR Sort list” to the widget area your theme is providing. It could be on your theme search page for instance. I cannot see the “WPSOLR Sort list” widget in my admin or in my front-end widget

September 26, 2016 admin

Which search templates are available ?

With wpsolr, you can choose between two templates to display your search results.   Wpsolr search template This is the template delivered by wpsolr. It is an Ajax template, and shows all the features in a custom search page, thanks to the wpsolr’s shortcode. This template displays all the wpsolr features: A search box with live suggestions A sort list Facets

October 5, 2016 admin

Faceted search – What is it ?

What is a Faceted search ? Faceted search is the biggest thing that happened in the search world. Even today, on many websites, a visitor is required to fill in some search form criteria. Before submitting the search form and getting results. Even on big WooCommerce websites. This is a big show stopper, as many visitors

October 21, 2016 admin

How to prevent bots from crawling my WordPress search results ?

The problem If your database contains a large number of posts or products, then your search can generate many pages of results. The bots will crawl all those search pages, which can lead to tens of thousands of pages loaded every single day. Perhaps you want to let your pages crawled, perhaps you don’t. There

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