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The Jobify add-on for WPSOLR is deceptively simple.

Configure WPSOLR as usual, activate the add-on, and that’s it.

All your jobs search are now accelerated as if by magic. No extra-setup, no knowledge of Elasticsearch or Solr are even required.

Below are explained the steps to activate the add-on. Notice that most steps are optional.

If you prefer watching the full tutorial showing the setup of WPSOLR with Jobify:

With Elasticsearch:


1) Create an index

For Elasticsearch:

Video: Create an Elasticsearch index automatically

For Solr:

Video: Create an Apache Solr index semi-automatically

For SolrCloud:

Video: Create an Apache SolrCloud index automatically

You can also want to search for more informations on index creation, Elasticsearch, Apache Solr, or Elasticsearch/Solr hosting providers. Or just browse the Elasticsearch/Solr forums.


2) Activate the Jobify add-on

The only action required for the add-on is to activate it. The add-on will then operate in the background to transform  mySQL queries in Elasticsearch or Solr queries. Therefore, no other Jobify configuration is necessary.

Jobify add-on activation

Jobify add-on activation

3) Select the archive types to speed up

Pick the archive search page (which you want to accelerate with WPSOLR), among the 8 archive types.

WordPress Archive pages selection


4) Index the “Jobs” post type

This step is mandatory. Select the “Jobs” post type, and its taxonomies and custom fields in screen 2.2: items will be indexed, and only then their custom fields can be used as a facet or a sort in Elasticsearch or Solr.

Jobify add-on: index "Jobs" post type

Jobify add-on: index “Jobs” post type

5) Index your content

You created your index, configured it. It’s now time to fill it with your data (selected in screen 2.2):

Index your Jobify jobs

Index your Jobify jobs


8) Nothing else!

Yes, that’s it. From now on, WPSOLR will replace your Jobify MySQL queries with faster Elasticsearch/Solr queries.

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