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Premium extension home page

Premium extension home page

The Premium add-on is different from other extensions.

It is not setup in it’s own configuration page, but rather spread on almost all configuration pages. You can find Premium features in search and index definitions, boosts, facets, sort, and batch indexing.

Here are some of Premium capabilities:

  1. Manage more than one Elasticsearch or Solr index
  2. Cross-domain search
  3. Use my current theme’s search template, instead of WPSOLR’s
  4. Change Ajax search page slug
  5. Infinite scroll navigation
  6. Products suggestions
  7. Attach suggestions to any search box with jQuery selectors
  8. Did you mean?
  9. Stop real-time indexing
  10. Index/search any post type
  11. Index/search custom taxonomies
  12. Index/search custom fields
  13. Index/search attached files from the medial library
  14. Boost fields
  15. Localize facets
  16. Show facets hierarchies
  17. Localize sort items
  18. Display debug infos during indexing
  19. Re-index all the data in place


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