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# 2 weeks, 3 days ago

Hello Patrice!

Thank you for all your help during this trial period with your software. So far we really love the potential this has for our platform.

I think we are leaning heavily in the direction of purchasing it for our company. We have a couple questions before we move forward.

1. Is it possible with WPSOLR PRO to be able to hide all search results until a certain condition is met?

For example, when a person lands on our shop page instead of seeing all products on the page and having them filter down as the user uses the facets, is there a way to have all products hidden until they choose “Film Type” “Year” and then after they choose “Make” have items start showing back up?
Is this type of conditional display possible with your software?

2. Without adding custom fields I see no way to add a custom sort order of just ascending/descending” Is this possible?