WPSOLR changelog

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= 21.1 (coming soon) =
* Improve the extension for Toolset Views – The Query Builder For WordPress : also replace the shortcode Views inserted in pages.

= 21.0 =
* PHP 5.6.5 required
* New extension for Toolset Views – The Query Builder For WordPress.
Keep 100% Archive Views features and flexibility (Ajax/Non Ajax, all archives types, all filters, pagination, all sorts), but powered by Solr or Elasticsearch. And a huge bonus: views work seamlessly with WPSOLR facets (filters) widget.
* Replace products thumbnail in search results by their variation image, if a variation attribute value matches a search filter.
For instance, show all yellow shirts variation images instead of the default thumbnail when results are filtered by the yellow color.
* New option in screen 2.1 to replace WP search with WPSOLR search on all archive types (search, home, year, day, month, author, category, tag)
* Add a secondary sort in screen 2.5
* Add new sorts in screen 2.5: Random, Post ID, Menu Order, Last Modified, Post Type, Author, Author ID, Title
* Add systematic php 7.2 validation with PHP Compatibility Checker By WP Engine
* Update Elastica (Elasticsearch php library) from 5.3.0 to 5.3.2, to be php 7.2 compatible

= 20.9 =
* Fixed license activation issues with multisites. If you experience license or update troubles after this update, just reactivate your license.
* Indexing screen 2.2 rebuilt. Custom fields and taxonomies are now displayed within their own post type.
* Added a search exclusion list in screen 2.1
* New ACF option to index all the ACF files fields by default.
* Fixed cross-domain search not removing index documents.
* Fixed Geolocation sort by distance
* Refactored the code to prepare the next releases for indexing and searching beyond post types: users and custom tables. It will enable new plugin/theme extensions dealing with membership or BuddyPress.

= 20.8 =
* New extension for the theme DIRECTORY+. Speed up items search, category filter, location filter, radius filter, with Solr and Elasticsearch.

= 20.7 =
* New extension for the theme LISTABLE. Speed up listing search with Solr and Elasticsearch.

= 20.6 =
* New extension for the theme JOBIFY. Speed up job search, category filter, job type filter, location filter, with Solr and Elasticsearch.
* Fix activation of sites with unconventional WordPress folders structure, like Bedrock.
* Fix search results urls with a network (cross-domain) configuration.

= 20.5 =
* Tested with WordPress 4.9.7, Solr 7.4.0, Elasticsearch 6.3.1
* Replace php short tag <? with <?php in 2 files

= 20.4 =
* Tested with Solr 7.3.1 and Elasticsearch 6.2.4
* (bbPress extension) Add facets on bbPress forum search urls.
* (bbPress extension) Manage private/hidden forums, and users roles.
* Fix Elasticsearch indexing error with empty post type titles. Detected first on bbPress empty titles replies.
* Fix empty select2 status and customers on WooCommerce orders edit page, when plugin “WooCommerce Attach me” is active
* Show a javascript console warning when an error occurs during a search

= 20.3 =
* Tested with Solr 7.2.1 and Elasticsearch 6.2.2
* Create your opensolr.com indexes from the plugin
* Theme extension: fix option « Search page pagination page links » not updating
* Theme extension: use only custom Ajax selectors, rather than use also default Ajax selectors
* Prevent random duplicate filters url parameters

= 20.2 =
* Fix no results in shop with WooCommerce 3.3
* Fix ACF facets labels localization

= 20.1 =
* Add a “copy to text field” option to enable text analysers on boosted search (screen 2.3). Requires re-indexing.
* Improve boost search integration with Toolset types. Support Toolset types post types, taxonomies, and custom fields
* Fix index creation with Elasticsearch 6.x: “[include_in_all] is not allowed for indices created on or after version 6.0.0 as [_all] is deprecated”
* Add field type text “_t” to store text length > 32K. Fix error: Document contains at least one immense term in field=xxx (whose UTF8 encoding is longer than the max length 32766)
* Fix index creation after upgrading from WPSOLR (free) : “Cannot use string offset as an array in /wp-content/plugins/wpsolr-pro/wpsolr/core/classes/extensions/indexes/admin_options.inc.php:69”
* Prevent javascript conflict error with Toolset views
* Remove javascript console warning “Found elements with non-unique id”

= 19.9 =
* Security fix
* New Range Slider filter with <a href=”http://ionden.com/a/plugins/ion.rangeSlider/en.html”>ion.rangeSlider javascript library</a>
* New Select box filter with <a href=”https://select2.org/”>Select2 javascript library</a>
* New Select box filter
* Remove SQL syntax error in debug.log when uploading attachment types not selected in screen 2.2
* Fix filters/facets not responding with IE11

= 19.8 =
* New ACF field types are supported: layout (tab, clone).
* Fix metabox “Do not search” checkbox not removing posts from the index.
* Prevent real-time indexing of post types not selected in screen 2.2
* New WP action to activate/deactivate real-time indexing. Much faster to import data, and use cron indexing, without the real-time. Ex: add_action(WPSOLR_Events::WPSOLR_ACTION_OPTION_SET_REALTIME_INDEXING, true ).

= 19.7 =
* WooCommerce extension: fix sorting results.

= 19.6 =
* New extension to manage external crons.
* Fix an indexing error due to a watermark format change in recent versions
* Remove LISTIFY extension dependency to PHP 7
* Tested with Solr 7.0.0
* Tested with Elasticsearch 5.6.2

= 19.5 =
* New extension for the theme LISTIFY. Speed up listing search, category filter, label filter, geolocation radius filter, with WPSOLR.
* 123 tests, 7218 assertions (phpunit + Selenium2)

= 19.4 =
* New extension for the free plugin <a href=”https://wordpress.org/plugins/yith-woocommerce-ajax-search/”>YITH WooCommerce Ajax Search</a>. Use WPSOLR search to retrieve the products shown in the plugin search box suggestions.
* 119 tests, 6872 assertions (phpunit + Selenium2)

= 19.3 =
* Compatibility with WPML Multilingual CMS 3.7.1 and WPML String Translation 2.5.4 (You might need to upgrade WPML)
* Compatibility with Polylang 2.2.1 (You might need to upgrade Polylang)
* Fix facet hierarchies bad display when the option Theme extension’s “Collapse facet hierarchies” is off
* 117 tests, 6780 assertions (phpunit + Selenium2)

= 19.2 =
* Add parameters “shards” and “replicas” to the Elasticsearch indexes form
* 113 tests, 5766 assertions (phpunit + Selenium2)

= 19.1 =
* Fully automated SolrCloud indexes creation (no need to access SolrCloud admin UI or server filesystem)
* Semi-automated Solr indexes creation (detailed instructions with server filesystem commands to add configuration files)

= 19.0 =
* (Elasticsearch attachments) Use of https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/elasticsearch/plugins/current/ingest-attachment.html, instead of deprecated https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/elasticsearch/plugins/current/mapper-attachments.html
* Fix non clickable facets containing single quotes
* Tests: 101, Assertions: 5211 (phpunit + Selenium2)

= 18.8 =
* Test Elasticsearch indexes. With a push on a button, create a hosted Elasticsearch index, ready to use with your search.

= 18.7 =
* Fix to work with Elasticsearch 5.5.1.
* Upgrade Elastica library from 5.2.1 to 5.3.0.
* Remove automatically file Null.php from Elastica library, which caused PHP 7 sniffers fail.

= 18.6 =
* Fix Solr indexing errors when some post data contains control characters.

= 18.5 =
* New “Yoast SEO” extension – Build beautiful search urls with meta descriptions
* New “All In One SEO Pack” extension – Build beautiful search urls with meta descriptions
* New Advanced scoring extension (Elasticsearch only) – Boost recent results while keeping relevancy
* New import/export settings
* Improve the creation of a test Solr index inside the plugin
* Add sort on multi-value fields (requires downloading the new Solr schema, then restart Solr or reload the index)
* s2Member extension is now compatible with Elasticsearch
* Fix warnings on upgrade version preview
* Verify 4000 checkpoints with automatic user acceptance tests (phpunit + Selenium2).

= 18.3 =
* (WP All Import) First release of the “WP All Import” extension. Fix posts not deleted from the search engine index while deleted by import.
* Fix the auto-update when called by wp-cli.

= 18.2 =
* (SEO extension) In preparation. Generate beautiful SEO urls and metas for the facets.
* (Premium extension) Fix the Ajax Infinite scroll always showing the first page.
* (Premium extension) Display attachments in the current theme results.

= 18.1 =
* (Theme extension) New option to use the current theme with Ajax (screen 2.1).
* (Theme extension) New facet layout ‘Color picker’. You can now filter results clicking on colored icons.
* (Theme extension) New grid selection (horizontal, 1 column, 2 columns) on facet layouts.
* (WooCommerce extension) Fix a front-end search error when the option “Replace orders search by wpsolr” is selected.
* (Premium extension) Fix the screen 2.4 (facets) freeze when a post type contains many terms.
* (Premium extension) Fix the partial match option when the search contains several keywords. For Apache Solr and Elasticsearch.
* (WPML extension) Fix taxonomies being indexed in the admin current WPML language, rather than the index WPML language.
* Fix Elasticsearch error on post deletion
* Fix Elasticsearch boosts
* Get attachments in the current theme results.

= 18.0 =
* (Theme extension) New ranges layout. Show numeric filters, like prices, as ranges.
* (Premium extension) New option to apply ‘OR’ on facets with multi-selection
* (Elasticsearch) Fix empty results for multi-word keywords
* Upgrade https://github.com/solariumphp/solarium from 3.4.1 to 3.8.1, to fix exclusion for interval facets
* Fix tab showing the index settings collapsed, preventing the creation of the test Solr index.

= 17.9 =
* (Groups extension): prevent Solr error on groups with empty capabilities (capabilities removed from Groups but still there).
* Remove duplicated layout list on facets tab.
* Fix error while indexing post authors without display_name

= 17.7 =
* Fix tab showing the index settings collapsed, preventing the creation of the test Solr index.

= 17.6 =
* (Extension Toolset types) Add a checkbox to the wpsolr metabox. When a post contains a Toolset field of type “file”, the file content is added to the post body (indexed and searched).

= 17.3 =
* First release of Elasticsearch:
1. Install Elasticsearch
2. Choose Elastic search for your index
3. WPSOLR create your index, and setup mappings and analysers. No manual action required.
4. Enjoy all wpsolr features: full-text search, sort, facets, autocomplete.
* Elasticsearch indexes work with all extensions, but “s2Member” and “Groups”. Work in progress.
* Improve indexing debugging by catching and displaying fatal php errors.
* Fix “did you mean ?” for Apache Solr > 5.3

= 17.1 =
* Fix facets with html caracters (&, >, <, …) returning 0 results.
* Fix silent error while indexing attachments > 500 KB (files too big where not indexed).

= 17.0 =
* Fix autocomplete.
* Fix facets not responding on clicks with the Ajax template.

= 16.9 =
* Fix wrong search engine while setting up an index (Elasticsearch is set instead of Apache Solr).

= 16.8 =
* Preparation for Elasticsearch in addition to Apache Solr.
* New layout choice on facets: checkboxes, or radio boxes.
* New exclusion choice on facets: display facets count as if no other selection was made.
* Requires PHP >= 5.4 (previously 5.3).

= 16.7 =
* Premium pack: new option to filter a facet content by default.
* Fix bug in admin screen while drag&dropping the sort items (front sort items where correctly displayed).

= 16.6 =
* Fix missing documents in index when many posts have the exact same published date (imports). Re-index everything if you are concerned.

= 16.4 =
* Fix php warnings in logs.

= 16.3 =
* Theme extension: new option to customize the facets css.

= 16.2 =
* WooCommerce extension : automatic filter on catalog visibility status. Needs a full re-index.
* Speed up loading of extensions.

= 16.1 =
* Premium extension: can now localize, and translate, all facet contents in tab 2.4 (facets). For instance, the WooCommerce stock status value ‘instock’ in the more readable ‘In stock’.
* WooCommerce extension : prevent WooCommerce product attributes with type ‘Text’ split on commas during indexing.
* Front: Add compatibility with WooCommerce Customizer plugin’s infinite scroll (auto loading). Tested live with 140K products.
* Admin: Add better visuals to indicate which extensions are active.

= 16.0 =
* WooCommerce extension: Replace shop search with WPSOLR search.

= 15.9 =
* (New) Theme extension: Facet hierarchies collapsing option.
* Premium extension: Sort facets alphabetically option (instead of default sort count).

= 15.8 =
* Fix error with special (Solr) characters in keywords.

= 15.7 =
* Fix the Ajax InfiniteScroll for Firefox.

= 15.6 =
* Add an option to replace the Infinite Scroll javascript.
<a href=”https://www.wpsolr.com/knowledgebase/infinite-scroll-search-navigation/”>Documentation</a>

= 15.5 =
* Add a new filter to replace the default facets HTML with your own. Works with the Ajax shortcode, and the facets widget.
<a href=”https://www.wpsolr.com/guide/actions-and-filters/search-results-replace-facets-html/”>Documentation</a>

= 15.4 =
* Add two css classes to the facets html (header and list), so each facet can be styled individually.

= 15.3 =
* (WooCommerce extension) Fix the product categories search to support multilingual subcategories slugs.

= 15.2 =
* Security update.

= 15.1 =
* Fix HTML of the Ajax search form, which could cause side effects to the theme’s rendering.
* Fix PHP warning on admin menu “Plugins”.

= 15.0 =
* First release of WPSOLR PRO:
– includes an external license manager for paid extensions
– includes it’s own automatic update manager