Finally, the very first live demo of WooCommerce and Google Cloud Retail search

Finally, the very first live demo of WooCommerce and Google Cloud Retail search This is a plain Flatsome demo, with 2,000 WooCommerce products, including: – search – pagination – sort – facets: price slider, date slider, category hierarchies Missing feature: – Autocomplete (would requires lots of user events to fine tune the Google Retail autocomplete AI model: The demo: #wpsolr #googlecloud #retail #ecommerce #woocommerce #search

Search WooCommerce in 100+ languages, without translations​

Your WordPress or WooCommerce shop is visible worldwide. Why should your visitors forced to speak English? Choose a multilingual AI model like Cohere, or one among tens at Hugging Face, and let your customers query your product catalog in their native language. WPSOLR + Weaviate + Multilingual: #wpsolr #search #ai #vectorsearch #weaviate #woocommerce #wordpress

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The ecommerce sells only pdf as product, between 400 and 600, this figure can change every year but the interval is that, so with WooCommerce add-on can users search inside the pdf file even if this one is protected (because it is itself the product to be sold)?

urgent question of purchasing

our company has very huge woocommerce website. We has over 200, 000 products. sow product search is very slow. we are using ajax search. this plugin works very fast in our huge store too? If it can work very fast in our huge woocommerce store too, I will purchase this plugin


Speedup WooCommerce shop and categories search in one click, with dynamic filters (checkbox, radio, slider, price range). Keep your front-end theme features and look and feel

Curious to try what WooCommerce can do with Google Retail search?

#WPSOLR is announcing the upcoming integration of Google Retail Search to its WooCommerce add-on !! (Google provides a search API for e-Commerce, named Google Retail Search. A state of the art search API tailored to e-commerce and packed with AI.) WPSOLR: Google Retail Search: WooCommerce: #woocommerce #google #retail #search #enterprisesearch #wpsolr #ai #ecommerce