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ACF pack – Can I use google map fields with WPSOLR Geolocation pack ?

Yes, from WPSOLR 14.7, you can.
How does it work ?
The ACF Google Map fields store an address, a

November 5, 2016 admin

ACF pack – How are managed repeaters data and flexible content layouts ?

level of the ACF fields hierarchy. And, in that example, the files are the only indexable content

October 30, 2016 admin

Options – Custom fields

admin screen. For instance, it’s used to show ACF repeated fields.

Cinematic of Wordpress filter to add

October 12, 2016 admin

Can WPSOLR index PDFs & Other Documents not located in the WordPress Media Library ?

hyperlinks contained in a post body.

Instead, the user has to perform one action among:

– Add an ACF  file

November 14, 2016 admin

Index – Custom fields

– Post id to be indexed
– int
– Example: 123


Using the filter (example)

* Decode acf

October 11, 2016 admin

ACF File field with Solr search demo

This post si a demo of the ACF File field.

It contains an ACF file field linking to a PDF document

January 24, 2017 admin

How to buy a new subscription ?

multilingual and uses the ACF plugin.

You will then need to setup your order with:
– Premium pack (mandatory

September 27, 2016 admin

Geolocation Extension

,long’ data. Then (re)index.

If your custom field is an ACF Google Map field type, you can use it too as

March 15, 2017 admin


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