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Table of contents :

ūüĎć First preview of¬†WooCommerce¬†demo with¬†Vespa.ai¬†search


Table of contents :

Demo time !

– Vespa deployment is fully managed from WPSOLR’ dashboard, thanks to Vespa’s REST APis. No need of using the Vespa’s cli anymore, but you still can of course.

– Changing settings (adding product attributes to index, changing ranking …) triggers a chain of events: create a Vespa session, download the index’s schema sd and services.xml, update both files (adding or removing an index in services.xml for instance), and upload both with the replace and deploy API.

– This demo show facets, filters, and suggestions, with keyword search. Sorting is not operational, yet.

–¬†Vespa.ai¬†is installed on a Google Cloud Kubernetes cluster.

– More demos with¬†Vespa.ai‘s vector/hybrid/reranked search will follow soon…

WPSOLR + Vespa.ai (soon): https://wpsolr.com

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